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It has to be pink…. And on our trip home from MMP’s Retreat.. we found LOADS of PINK!  Through out this week, I’ll be posting our finds and sharing them with you.  Pottery is my passion next to fabric and the 1950’s Pink Parade was my favorite era!

Loma Pottery created fashionable dishes and dinnerware for the “Happy Days” era.

Loma Pottery 1951 Pink Creamer & Sugar

Loma Pottery 1951 Pink Creamer & Sugar

Colorful pottery adds spice to your decor.  After WWII, happy days reigned and life began anew for many Americans. Decor reflected those happy days with colorful additions to our lives in the form of beautiful cars, fabrics, clothing, colorful gardens and bright, airy kitchens!  Have a piece of 1951 in your kitchen today.  View this set at http://www.lafemmerose.com/Kitchen.html

Along with this wonderful Pink pottery comes a delightful find!  Remember… for me, it has to be PINK!  Buried deep within the antique store were linens of various kinds and poking out was a piece of pink that I snatched out.  Lo and behold it was a Pink Roses apron!  Wonderful delight to find and in great condition!  It holds one pink pocket, sweet abstract pink roses and ties with pink fabric ties.

Pretty~N~Pink Vintage Apron

You can view this beautiful apron at http://www.lafemmerose.com/Kitchen.html


17 Responses

  1. Pink is so pretty…I have to admit that I have been buying more for my store…and it is selling well.

  2. Girl I really would love to meet you. I am a freak for solid color 50’s (or anyday really) pottery. It is my favorite thing to collect hands down. It is such a happy pass time. seeking out colorful dishes Yummy! Lilli

  3. Just beautiful thank you for sharing

  4. Love that set! Sooo pretty! Miss ya!

  5. That apron in soooo pretty. I too love anything 50s
    x chris

  6. Love that apron, Inka. Pink is always a good color to decorate with, but even better in october, breast cancer awareness month.


    Remember, grammy those mammies

  7. Yikes, sorry, TA, wrote the wrong name. Duh! Guess I need a cup of coffee,


  8. Great pink stuff. Can’t wait to see the rest. Glad you had a fun trip!

  9. Hi Teriann, cant wait to see the rest! i love that pink sugar and cream set. The color is gorgeous. The pink apron is really nice too. HOpe your having a great week… Tell Fran I said Hey.. pink hugs, gail

  10. Teriann

    You found some amazing treasures on your way home. I love the apron, well I love the cream and sugar too!


  11. Hey there TA,
    Wow, I love that pink! Purdy girl. Wish we could have had more time to talk during the retreat. You are a hoot!
    Miss ya,

  12. Hi Teriann,
    They are so pink and so pretty. Can’t wait to see your other road trip treasures.

  13. Hi TA! Wow! Loved the pink treasures you found. I’m from the 1950’s too, is that why you like me.. (teehee).
    Great finds.
    Susie of The Polka Dot Rose

  14. Hi Terriann!

    Wow..love the pink pottery and love the pink apron. I so agree that it has to be pink! lol So have you recovered from the sweets we ate at the retreat??? lol It was so much fun right?
    It was great to meet you and your sis.
    Have a great week pinkie.
    Janet’s Creative Pillows

  15. Pink is my favorite color. I love the pink creamer and suger. They are so pretty!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Hey Teriann, Love your “happy days” pink finds…they are truly wonderful and inspiring!!! Ah for the “happy days”!!! Lucky for us, we understand things of the past and appreciate them. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip home from Retreat and I look forward to seeing more of your adventures!!

  17. Sounds like you had such a fun time on your way home from our beautiful state of Virginia. Hope you’re feeling better today. Teriann, I love your pink pottery. I am listing Hazel Atlas pink pottery dishes today. It has ruffly edges. ~ Lynn

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